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How We Support You

The Spire Church of England Learning Trust will offer support in a number of ways.

What does membership of The Spire Church of England Learning Trust mean for schools in the Trust?

1. Improved outcomes for pupils, for example:

  • Improvement in pupil progress and attainment
  • Improvement in the quality and consistency of teaching and learning
  • Links with pupils in other schools, which will lead to a greater sense of social responsibility, improved attendance and behaviour and a more outward looking perspective amongst pupils

2. Access to a wider range of professional practice, for example:

  • Working alongside a wider group of professional colleagues enables teachers to share and develop practice together
  • Cross phase access provides insight into other phases of education
  • Reciprocal visits provide opportunities for teachers to benchmark their practice against other schools and opportunities for longer secondments are possible
  • University accredited programmes bespoke to context

3. Cost effectiveness, for example:

  • Shared area provision enables some courses to be offered which might otherwise have proved unviable
  • Sharing of external providers or joint purchasing of equipment and resources save on costs
  • Sharing of specialist facilities, for example in music or sport

4. Recruitment and retention, for example:

  • By raising the status of the school in the local community, schools often became popular and oversubscribed – schools ‘of choice’ for parents
  • Additional challenge and motivation for outstanding school leaders means that they are more likely to remain in post for longer
  • Developing and aspiring leaders can be promoted – often to other schools within the partnership

5. Raised capacity and morale, for example:

  • The process of supporting others typically enables practitioners to develop their own professional learning, challenging and extending their own practice
  • By building capacity, supported schools soon find themselves in a position to support others
  • Pupils often enter secondary education enthused and ready to continue their study of specialist subjects, such as science or modern foreign languages.

We work with a range of strategic partners:

Educational Partners

  • Teaching school alliance with South Bromsgrove High School, Chadsgrove and Haybridge High School
  • Worcester University
  • The University of Birmingham
  • Newman University
  • Worcester Diocesan Board of Education

We have a core School Improvement Team,: dedicated to working with our schools in order to support them in their journey seeking to raise standards for the children in their care:

Barry Newton – is a consultant and former Local Authority School Improvement advisor with over 30 years of experience. He has a proven track record of supporting school improvement

Neil MIlls - is a consultant and former Headteacher with considerable experience of leading schools through change to secure improvement and successful outcomes for the children.

Stephen Cox -  is an NLE and serving Headteacher of an outstanding Middle School.  Stephen supports our schools by providing our external Quality Assurance 


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