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Primary Schools


St John's CofE Primary School - Kidderminster


At St John's Primary, all of our work is founded on our core Christian values of Love, Forgiveness, Friendship and Truthfulness. Building on our core values our vision is for St John's to be:

  • a place where children are able to learn through their strengths, with high standards and expectations and children are able to reach their full potential.
  • a place where God's world and diversity is celebrated, enjoyed and sustained.
  • a place that encourages every child to aspire to their dreams.
  • a place where friendship is at the heart and everybody feels safe.
  • a place with strong links to the local community, parents, governors and the Church.
  • a place which enables children to learn about the importance of faith.
  • a place where individuality is valued and diversity is celebrated.

Whilst our school was created in the Autumn of 2007 in the Diocese of Worcestershire, the foundation of the school reaches back to 1850. Recognising its foundation, the school aims to preserve and develop it's religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England.


"Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.
And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts." 
Colossians 3. 14-15

For further information, go to their website: St John's Church of England Primary School

St Matthias CofE Primary School - Malvern Link

Our Vision and School Aims

After consulting with staff, pupils, governors and parents about what is important in our school, we have chosen three key words that we believe will support us to make a positive difference to our children. Everyone in the community contributed to a list of words and after a lively debate, three were selected to achieve the best for all.


It is important that all our children aspire to be the best they can be, to set high goals for themselves and to work hard to reach these. Our role, as staff and parents, is to hold high aspirations for our children and to make sure we provide the best support and guidance to enable our children to do well in their lives and learning.


We must have faith in ourselves and believe that we can achieve what we set out  to do. We need a positive mind set for this to overcome the challenges on route. We endeavour to encourage each other to be confident in their abilities  and work together to achieve our best.


We are determined to empower our children to achieve the very best they can. We do this by providing excellent teaching, high quality resources and carefully planned learning opportunities. Our children have their part to play in this as well by being determined to do their best, in class and with their homework. By working together, we can all  hold on to our dreams and aspirations to make them work for us. 


Our School Aims

In the spirit of its Christian foundation, St. Matthias Church of England Primary School aims to provide the optimum environment for the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth of every pupil in its care.
Our school aims are driven by a powerful ethos which aspires to be fully inclusive, treat everyone equally and strive for excellence. As well as delivering a first-class education, it is also our desire to build an interconnected community, recognising that educational needs do not exist in isolation from the needs of the whole person.


  • To awaken and nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime and provide all with skills to pursue learning - independently and collaboratively
  • To support our pupils in developing a growth mindset and to recognise the value of hard work and persistent effort when reaching for our goals
  • To help learners appreciate human achievements and aspirations and to believe in their own potential to achieve likewise
  • To create a rich, happy, stimulating, caring learning environment where risk taking and challenge is encouraged
  • To promote a feeling of pride and confidence in learners’ identities; as individuals, as members of our academy, as part of the local community and as citizens of the world


  • To provide opportunities for all our learners to grow together intellectually, emotionally, in understanding, faith, cultural awareness and spiritual understanding
  • To encourage all learners to develop their own interests, passions, enthusiasms, creativity and individuality
  • To help learners to understand and care about the world in which they live, and to believe in their ability and responsibility to change that world to make it better
  • To empower learners to develop a strong sense of right and wrong, good and bad, equality and justice - and the inner strength to act according to these values
  • To equip our pupils with a clear understanding of and respect for their rights and the rights of others
  • To foster respect, tolerance and love for others, regardless of race, gender, religion or difference, within a framework of equality of opportunity and fairness


  • To enable everyone to reach their personal best, academically and in other fields such as sport, arts and culture
  • To encourage all learners to achieve through fully nurturing their own interests, passions, enthusiasms, creativity and individuality
  • To provide all learners with the skills and understanding to live a healthy, successful life, physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • To empower our children to love learning, seek challenges, value effort and persist in the face of obstacles
  • To ensure learners are effective communicators, able to negotiate and resolve problems fairly
  • To ensure all our students are fully equipped for their next steps in education and their personal / professional futures.


For further information, go to their website: St. Matthias Church of England Primary School

Catshill Middle School 

Welcome to Catshill Learning Community,

In January 2013 the governing bodies of both schools became one with the sole purpose of supporting both schools on their learning journey for the children in their care.

We have developed an enhanced team of governors who bring with them outstanding support in terms of expertise, energy and a commitment to create 21st Century learning institutions. Our team comprises former Headteachers, Ofsted Inspectors, representatives from the business community, NHS, parents and finance institutions.

During this period of huge change in education, as schools develop new leadership models, we created a structure within our learning community that supports our core purpose of maximising progress and attainment of our children whilst ensuring that we give them life long learning opportunities that will help shape their character and values. 

To achieve this in both schools, we have created a Head of School role whose purpose is to focus upon Learning and Teaching and daily behaviour under the strategic leadership of an Executive Headteacher. The continual delegation of duties to schools has meant that it has been very difficult, almost impossible, for a Headteacher to lead learning and teaching whilst also delivering all the additional aspects of school leadership (Inclusion, Buildings, Finance, Human Resources etc). This unique approach in Bromsgrove is now functioning effectively and we are also supporting other schools within the local authority and nationally who are considering similar leadership models.

What does this mean to you as a parent of a child in our care? Ultimately it means that you have a focussed team of senior, middle leaders, teachers and support staff who strive to provide personalised learning experiences for those children who are part of our learning journey from first to middle school and beyond into high school. Our developing cluster working with other first schools, notably Lickey End and Fairfield is further enhancing our professional expertise in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and middle years educational practice. Our learning partnership with North Bromsgrove High School and its new leadership team is ensuring that children in the north of Bromsgrove are getting the best possible educational opportunities which can be seen in the most recent GCSE achievements of our former children.

To truly gain and understanding of what this means to children and parents please contact us to arrange an opportunity to visit us in action and gauge for yourselves what we can achieve with your support.

Julia Shingler, Headteacher, Catshill Learning Community
James Thompson, Head of School, Catshill Middle School
Georgia Plant, Head of School, Catshill First School & Nursery

For further information, go to their website: Catshill First School